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Han Sung Motor get closer to Gen MZers with the first event of their “WANNA.B” project.

South Korea  |  2020-07-28
South Korea  |  2022-06-16

In March this year, Han Sung Motor signed a contract to sponsor three popular break-dancers, Freshbella, Leon and Zooty Zoot.

The sponsorship is a part of a new project, WANNA.B by Han Sung Motor, to inspire millennials and Generation Zers to follow their dreams.

As the first imported carmaker here, we have not only sponsored e-sports for the past two years to communicate with and support millennials and Generation Z, but this year we have come up with supporting South Korea’s breakdance scene. We will continue to offer a dynamic brand experience through such activities,” said Han Sung Motor CEO Ulf Ausprung.

The first event following the sponsorship, WHAT’S UP B?!, was held on 7 May and featured breaking performances by the WANNA.B breakers as well as Jay Park and a host of celebrity DJs and artistes.

More events are being planned and Han Sung Motors are aligning themselves with GenMZers as a cultural supporter and trend leader.

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