The LSH Auto International management team comprises of a diverse group of leaders who are dedicated to providing excellent and professional services to our customers, and fostering a sustainable development for our business.



CEO, LSH Auto International

With more than two decades’ experience in the luxury automotive sector, Dr. Till Conrad started his career in finance and controlling for Daimler AG in Germany. He has since taken on regional and international roles in Europe and Asia, including: CFO Southeast Asia of Daimler Singapore; CEO of Mercedes-Benz France S.A.S.; and Vice President of Overseas Marketing and Sales, Mercedes-Benz for Daimler AG. His current position as CEO of LSH Auto International commenced in 2017, and he was appointed to the LSH Auto International Board of Directors in September 2017.


CFO, LSH Auto International

Kelvin brings with him over 2 decades of experience in financial and business management. Having worked with a Fortune 500 company in Japan and a Singapore listed company in China, he joined Han Sung Motor Co. in 2012 as CFO for South Korea. In August 2019, Kelvin assumed the role of Finance Director for the LSH Machinery North China for Caterpillar dealership. His appointment as CFO for LSH Auto International takes effect from 1 June, 2021.



CEO, LSH Auto China

Mr. CK Wong has over 30 year of experience in the automobile industry, with over 26 years working for the Mercedes-Benz brand. CK Wong joined the business in 2001 as After-Sales General Manager of Northern Star (Tianjin) Automobile Ltd., after which he moved on to the role of Executive Director for the company. He then became Executive Director for Lei Shing Hong Auto China’s Network Development & Training Academy, before advancing to his present position as CEO of Lei Shing Hong Auto China in 2014. He was appointed to the LSH Auto International Board of Directors in May 2017.


CFO, LSH Auto China

Before joining Lei Shing Hong Limited in 2010, Deric Kwan built finance acumen through roles at major publicly traded companies in the United Kingdom. He held the position of Finance Controller for LSH Group, accumulating significant experience in the various divisions of LSH Group until 2016 and moved on to his current role as CFO of Lei Shing Hong Auto China.



Managing Director, Capital Motors Inc.

Andreas Binder has more than 20 years’ experience in the luxury car sector, taking a variety of management positions with Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz. These include Deputy General Manager Sales and Marketing for Daimler Chrysler Singapore, Director Sales and Marketing for Mercedes-Benz Vietnam and CEO for Mercedes-Benz Serbia and Montenegro. He became CEO for Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong SAR, before advancing to his present position as Managing Director of Capital Motors Inc. in 2018.


CFO, Capital Motors Inc.

Arthur Yeoh brings with him over 2 decades of experience in financial management in various industries such as automotive dealership, insurance, and construction. Since joining LSH Group in 2014, he has contributed to the group in positions as CFO of Stuttgart Sports Cars Ltd (SSCL) in Korea and Vietnam Star in Vietnam. Arthur was appointed CFO of Capital Motors, Inc in June 2020.



CEO, Han Sung Motor Co.

Dr. Ulf Ausprung entered the automotive industry in 1998, taking on various sales and marketing positions across Europe and Mainland China for Mercedes-Benz and Daimler AG. He became Senior General Manager of Retail Management, Mercedes-Benz, and smart for Lei Shing Hong Auto China in 2010 and moved on to his present position as CEO of Han Sung Motor Co. in 2011. He was appointed to the LSH Auto International Board of Directors in May 2017.


CFO, Han Sung Motor Co.

Karsten Moepps started in the international Aerospace and Defense industry, being part of Daimler AG throughout this time. He has held senior management positions within Daimler AG in Finance and Controlling, M&A and Compliance. Karsten has worked as CFO for an American Automotive supplier and for a Private Equity owned company. In his recent position he has been the CFO of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan before he joined the Han Sung Motor Co. in 2019 as CFO.



CEO, Stern Auto Holding

Tobias Hauck became CEO of Stern Auto Holding GmbH in September 2020, after serving as CFO of the company since 2017. He has significant experience in finance and business management garnered in senior management positions with international automotive operations in Belgium, Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR. Before joining Stern Auto Holding GmbH, Tobias was Managing Director of Lei Shing Hong Credit Limited.


CFO, Stern Auto Holding

Frank Delmes was appointed CFO of Stern Auto Holding GmbH in September 2020. He has more than 25 years of experience in finance and business management in the luxury automotive sector. Frank previously held senior management roles at Daimler AG in Germany, including as Head of Dealer Network for Mercedes-Benz and smart and Head of Investment and Shareholder Management. He was CEO of Sternagel Group for ten years prior to taking up his current position.



Managing Director, LSH Auto UK

Mr. Martyn Webb has over two decades of experience in the automotive sector in both volume and luxury markets. He joined LSH Auto UK as General Manager in 2016. Within two years, he was promoted as Market Area Director, followed by his appointment as Managing Director in November 2018. Before joining LSH Auto UK, he was General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Retail Group for more than five years. Prior to that, he held senior roles in two UK based dealer groups for over 15 years.





Managing Director, LSH Auto Australia

John Good’s career in the international automotive sector spans over 30 years, having been associated with the Mercedes-Benz brand throughout this time. He has held senior management positions with Mercedes-Benz and LSH in Australia, Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Taiwan Region and the UK, before advancing to his current position as Managing Director of LSH Auto Australia.


CFO, LSH Auto Australia

With over 25 years of financial experience in the retail motor vehicle industry, Wayne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. Most recently, he served as CFO for a Melbourne based dealership group and, prior to this, had held senior financial positions within an international dealership organization in Australia.



General Director, Star Auto Cambodia

Joining the business in 2015, James Zemke has over 25 years’ experience in the automotive industry including roles in marketing, distribution management, auto financing and retail management. He took on his current position as General Director for Star Auto Cambodia in 2015.


Finance and Administration Manager, Star Auto Cambodia

Vuth Sokhavy has more than a decade of experience in accounting and finance. She joined the company in 2016 and is currently Finance and Administration Manager of Star Auto Cambodia.



General Director, Vietnam Star Automobile

John White was appointed General Director of Vietnam Star Automobile in 2017. Having spent over 30 years in the industry, he has vast experience in automotive retail. He started his automotive journey as a Mercedes-Benz Cadet in South Africa in 1988 and became the Dealer Principal for that market in 1994. Before joining Vietnam Star Automobile, he was a divisional director for South Africa’s largest automotive group.


CFO, Vietnam Star Automobile

Francis Foo started his career with Lei Shing Hong Group in 2002 at Northern Star (Tianjin) Automobile Ltd., headquarters for automotive retail operations in North China. In 2010, Francis was appointed Regional Finance Controller for West China Region and subsequently for East China Region. Apart from his role in financial management at the group level, particularly in strategy planning and project management, Francis was also active in guiding and monitoring the automotive retail operations. He was appointed CFO of Vietnam Star Automobile in March, 2021.