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Vietnam Star Automobile honoured with Employer Awards and Top Customer Satisfaction Index

Vietnam  |  2020-07-28
Vietnam  |  2024-04-29

Vietnam Star Automobile has been named amongst the Top 20 Retail/Wholesale industry of the prestigious Employer of Choice 2023 Awards event organised by CareerViet.

Additionally, it has also been honoured with a spot in the Top 100 across all industry.

The results of the Awards are based on a survey of 62,000 respondents and over 300 participating businesses and are conducted by CareerViet and market research partners.

The award recognises Vietnam Star Automobile’s efforts and commitment in creating a positive working environment where employees are appreciated and encouraged to work towards both individual as well as common goals.

As a leading premium automotive distributor in Vietnam, Vietnam Star Automobile has also achieved the highest customer satisfaction index for Mercedes-Benz for 9 consecutive years.

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