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Vietnam Star Automobile participates in Mercedes-Benz Vietnam’s epic Car & Art Exhibition – The Avantgarde.

Vietnam  |  2020-07-28
Vietnam  |  2023-11-17

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam recently held one of its biggest events for 2023 in late September, with Vietnam Star Automobile hosting two days in the 5-day event.

The event, a large-scale Car & Art Exhibition titled “The Avantgarde”, was held at The Global City, a modern upmarket residential and commercial complex.

Featuring digital art works from two renowned Vietnamese artists, Ha Manh Thang and Le Tuan Ry, alongside the latest range of Mercedes-Benz models, the event also showcased the history of Mercedes-Benz along with photos and exhibits.

In the two days that it hosted the event, Vietnam Star Automobile achieved a highly successful attendance of almost 1800 visitors to the exhibition and over 500 test-drives.

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