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LSH Auto China opens the world’s first Maybach Atelier in Shanghai.

Chinese Mainland  |  2020-07-28
Chinese Mainland  |  2022-12-08

The luxury legend, Mercedes-Maybach, is embarking on the next chapter of its historic journey.  And it is doing so, in Shanghai, with the help of our sister company, LSH Auto China.

The world’s first Maybach Atelier, a new concept brand centre and showroom, was opened on 21 October, 2022 at No. 558 Bund Finance Center by LSH Auto China.

The opening event, themed ‘Heritage with Innovation’, was attended by an exclusive VIP guest list that included celebrated artists, highly affluent customers, and LSH Auto China’s Senior Executives.

Guests were able to experience how the Mercedes-Maybach brand core elements could be incorporated with contemporary Chinese Arts, music and culture.

A specially curated Art Exhibition was also set up to express the Mercedes-Maybach brand and MANUFAKTUR label, uniting creators and connoisseurs in redefining boundaries of culture.

The main area of the Maybach Atelier covers 541 m2 and creates an immersive brand experience for customers.

It also offers salons privés for private conversations and meetings in an exclusive setting, physical and digital art programs, 3D haptic configuration and a new concept for digital installations.

Our congratulations to LSH Auto China on setting the bar for future Maybach Ateliers around the world.

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