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LSH Auto Brisbane’s EQ Gallery proudly demonstrates its Mercedes-Benz EQ specialist status.

Australia  |  2020-07-28
Australia  |  2024-02-15

Located on the first floor of the expansive 6-level Breakfast Creek landmark, the EQ Gallery at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane is another commitment by LSH Auto Australia to the future of electric mobility from Mercedes-Benz.

Designed to highlight the technology behind the EQ range, it showcases Australia’s largest and most comprehensive EV range and is backed by intensive investment and training to offer the high degree of expertise and support expected of an award-winning EQ specialist.

Being one of the very first to be named as EQ retailers, and as the nation’s leading Mercedes-Benz retail group, LSH Auto Australia is committed to sustainable mobility and has been actively promoting, and invested in, environmental sustainability.

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