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IWC customers experience the thrill of an AMG Drive Day with LSH Auto Melbourne

Australia  |  2020-07-28
Australia  |  2024-04-16

LSH Auto Melbourne, in conjunction with LSH Auto Australia’s Iridium Club partner, IWC Schaffhausen, delivered a rare double recently:

The thrill of an AMG Drive Day + experiencing a F1 simulator.

Last month, IWC customers were invited on a drive route through the Yarra Valley to Levantine Hill Estate in a convoy of AMG’s latest models including G63, SL63, C 63 E Performance, GLE53 and CLA45.

Departing from Mercedes-Benz Melbourne, the special guests got to experience the thrill and excitement of the AMG range – against the most idyllic backdrop and in the company of friends and experts.

On returning to the dealership, a turn in the IWC F1 Racing Simulator provided the guests with the mind-blowing realism of precision-driving a Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 race car.

A perfect day, filled with a perfect combination of performance and precision, that will be long remembered by the guests.

LSH Auto Australia’s Iridium Club partnership with IWC is a reflection of the shared commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to customers.

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