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Han Sung Motor Co. launches “Portrait with MY AMG” for members of the Han Sung Motor Club AMG Playground.

South Korea  |  2020-07-28
South Korea  |  2021-06-29

Han Sung Motor Co. has launched a program for members of the Han Sung Motor Club AMG Playground.

The program, “Portrait with MY AMG”, was developed in collaboration with men’s lifestyle magazine “Esquire Korea” and Shinsegae International’s men’s fashion multi-shop “Man on the Boon” to provide participating members with lifetime memories of themselves posing with their magnificent driving machines.

Styled individually by Hoon Nam, Creative Director of Man on the Boon, and photographed by Celebrity Photographer, Cham Kim, in a studio setting, each member gets a unique memento – of themselves with their AMG.

The portraits will also be published in the June issue of Esquire Korea magazine.

“Getting hair and makeup in the studio and shooting with a professional photographer were new experiences that made me feel like a celebrity. It was a memorable program that allowed me to cherish my memories with my car forever through a photo shoot with Mercedes-AMG.”, echoed many of the participating members.

“I’m happy to provide a variety of experiences to Han Sung Motor’s customers,” said Ulf Ausprung, CEO of Han Sung Motor.

“I hope the program provided by AMG Playground will be a pleasant experience and memory for club members.”

Han Sung Motor Club ‘AMG Playground’, which has been actively operating for two years this year, offers many unique ownership experiences to club members through various programs including the AMG Speedway Circuit Event ‘AMG Playground at Night’.

Future programs and membership programs are currently being planned. These include expressive and unique designs for Mercedes-AMG cars in the form of graffiti motifs to reflect Mercedes-AMG’s DNA, and an open party for the AMG Brand Center which is scheduled to open in the second half of this year.

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