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Travelling over a thousand kilometers to bring cheer to couples on Valentine’s Day.

Germany  |  2020-07-28
Germany  |  2021-03-02

As witnessed all over the world, small acts of kindness can go a long way to lift moods and spread cheer – especially during a COVID-19 lockdown.

In Magdeburg, a central German city on the Elbe River, local creative talents, tradesmen and professionals from different industries got together to launch an initiative called “YourLocal” to support each other during lockdown.

Various restaurants also collaborated on “YourLocal Ess-Kultur” to support the dining culture.

As Valentine’s Day wasn’t spared from the lockdown, STERNAUTO Group provided three vehicles to help deliver 53 Valentine’s Day menus on Sunday, travelling over 1,100km in all. The free service was a success and so was Valentine’s Day.

We applaud the YourLocal initiative and are grateful to have the opportunity to play a part in it.



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