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Three-time Olympic Swimming Gold Medallist, Stephanie Rice OAM, shares what it takes to achieve excellence.

Australia  |  2020-07-28
Australia  |  2021-07-20

Stephanie Rice, LSH Auto Australia’s Friend of the Brand, three-time Olympic Swimming Gold Medallist and recipient of OAM (Order of Australia) award, sat down in an interview to talk about what it takes to achieve excellence, her love of Formula 1 and the ideal scenic drive in her favourite Mercedes-Benz.

Starting with how it’s been almost two years since Stephanie partnered with LSH Auto Australia’s Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, she shared this:

After I moved back to Australia, I purchased my first Mercedes through Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. After three years I was looking to upgrade my car through your dealership and that’s when the opportunity to become a friend of the brand presented itself. This role is honestly a dream come true and the team at LSH Auto Australia has welcomed me in so openly that I really feel a part of the family…

When asked about what it takes to be a High Performer, she said:

High Performance is simply the cultivation of good habits that you practice consistently time and time and time again.  For me personally, I pride myself in doing all things with excellence, whether that’s washing the dishes or speaking at a large corporate function, I’m always trying to deliver my best performance and learn from every opportunity so I can be even better next time.

Stephanie, we can’t agree more.

Read the full interview – In Conversation with Stephanie Rice.



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