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The Mercedes-Benz experience can be felt where you least expect.

Taiwan Region  |  2020-07-28
Taiwan Region  |  2021-02-02

In Tainan City, it can certainly be felt at T.S. Mall, a large modern and upmarket shopping mall.

CMI (Capital Motors, Inc) wanted to bring the magic of Mercedes-Benz to a wider group of audience and they did just that by conceptualizing and building an elaborate and futuristic Pop-up concept store within the mall.

With informative digital media presentations, stunning 3D backdrops and brilliant lighting, the “showroom” provides a sneak preview into the Mercedes-Benz showroom experience. There are also relaxing corners and discussion areas … and barista served coffee.

Of course, the real stars of the experience are on display with the new E-Class being the main highlight. Mercedes-Benz Collection items and accessories are also available for purchase and CMI professionals are on hand in the store to welcome curious walk-ins and to offer expertise and assistance.

The concept store was opened on Christmas Day, 2020 and although it will remain open for just one year, we have no doubt the impression will last a long time after.



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