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Team members from LSH Auto China come up winners in the Global Top 3 of the Global Customer Experience Challenge.

Mainland China  |  2020-07-28
Mainland China  |  2021-09-16

The Global Customer Experience Challenge (GCEC) is a new global competition launched by Mercedes-Benz for its worldwide network of dealerships.

GCEC sets out to maintain and improve high standards of Customer Experience by challenging dealerships with difficult real-life problems and scenarios, and honoring the teams that solve them in the most effective way.

Each team comprises members from various departments: A Sales Executive, Product Concierge, Service Advisor, Maintenance Technician, System Technician and Diagnostic Technician.

The LSH Auto China dealer Tai Yuan Lei Shing team earned their place to represent China in the Global Top 10 before moving on to book their spot in the Global Top 3.

For their impressive teamwork, information exchange, communication between team members, and troubleshooting skills, they were eventually crowned winners of the Global Top 3.

Needless to say, we’re incredibly proud of them.

Congratulations to the team members and LSH Auto China for yet another great achievement!



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