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STERNAUTO Group welcomes 52 new apprentices to their professional journey.

Germany  |  2020-07-28
Germany  |  2021-09-21

This month, 52 new apprentices will be joining STERNAUTO Group to begin their professional training and career in various locations and departments.

To help them prepare for this important phase, preparatory visits and introductory sessions were conducted to help the new ones get to know their dealership and trainers.

For example, the seven apprentices featured in the photo were able to get a taste of life in their future workplace at the Magdeburg Center as well as talk with other trainees who joined before them.

And all this before their very first day when a full immersion program awaits.

Just last year, STERNAUTO Group was awarded the “Exemplary Apprenticeship Company 2020” by the Dresden Chamber of Trades & Crafts.

We congratulate and welcome all the incoming apprentices and wish them an enriching and satisfying career ahead.



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