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STERNAUTO Group receives Schwerin Chamber of Skilled Crafts award for excellence in training and apprenticeship.

Germany  |  2020-07-28
Germany  |  2021-11-25

STERNAUTO Group was awarded the Seal of Quality by the Schwerin Chamber of Skilled Crafts in October this year.

The award which was introduced in 2019, is given In recognition of excellence in training and education, and the success and effectiveness of apprenticeship programs.

The Group is, of course, proud to be one of only three recipients of the award this year.

STERNAUTO Group has paved the way for many new technical talents to launch their professional careers with real world learning for many years now.

Currently, 156 junior staff are being trained across the entire STERNAUTO Group. For the coming training year, it is also training some 50 technical and commercial trainees.

Congratulations to STERNAUTO Group for its Seal of Quality award!

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