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Second award in 2022 for LSH Auto Australia for championing diversity and approach to hiring.

Australia  |  2020-07-28
LSH Auto Australia receives second award in 2022 for championing diversity with innovative approach to hiring.
Australia  |  2023-01-05

In mid-2022, LSH Auto Australia, along with training partner WPC Group, was recognised with a Diversity Award during the Australian Training Awards (a government sponsored program to showcase best practice, and vocational and training across the nation).

Six months later in December 2022, the group was given another reason to cheer with its Mercedes-Benz Sydney dealership being recognised for a longstanding commitment to diversity and skill development for over a decade at the WPC Awards.

The drive for diversity and innovative skill development approach is headed by Briar Ferguson who is Head of Strategic Aftersales at LSH Auto Australia, and in collaboration with WPC Group, the LSH Auto Australia apprenticeship partner.

Briar was joined at the WPC awards, held in Sydney, by Mercedes-Benz Sydney Service Manager, Stephen O’Sullivan, and Customer Contact Team Manager, Linda Townson.

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