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LSH Auto UK welcomes back customer for his 10th car in 4 years.

United Kingdom  |  2020-07-28
United Kingdom  |  2022-01-18

Just before the end of 2021, Mr. Khalid Ahmed visited the Mercedes-Benz of Whitefield showroom to collect his brand new car.

Thrilled as anyone would be on delivery day, Mr. Ahmed wasn’t expecting any fanfare and certainly not the confetti.

But It wasn’t just any delivery day for Mr. Ahmed – it was the 10th purchase he was collecting from LSH Auto UK…in 4 years. He might not have been counting but the staff were.

The celebratory reception was much appreciated by a happy Mr. Ahmed. However, it was his loyalty and friendship that have warmed the hearts of the LSH Auto UK staff (who gleefully cleaned up the mess they had made with the confetti afterward).

Thank you and congratulations, Mr. Khalid Ahmed and the staff of LSH Auto UK.

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