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LSH Auto China ranks among top 3 of the 2021 top 100 auto dealer groups in China by the China Automobile Dealers Association.

Mainland China  |  2020-07-28
Mainland China  |  2021-06-08

On May 28, 2021, China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) released the results of the 2021 Top 100 Auto Dealer Groups in China at the 2021 China Auto Dealers Conference held in Wenzhou.

An industry tradition for 12 years, the Top 100 ranking event has become a benchmark for major achievements as well as significant improvements made by auto dealer groups over the years.

With a total revenue of 95.121 billion yuan, Lei Shing Hong Auto (LSH Auto) made it to the No. 3 rank this year and has successfully held its position in the Top 5 for 12 consecutive years.

Also announced at the conference was the report on the contributions and public service efforts of the auto industry. The association presented a special and comprehensive report on the efforts made by LSH Auto China.

Mr. CK Wong, CEO of LSH Auto China was also invited to share the outstanding contributions made by the company such as lending financial support to the development and education of youth and providing care support for sick children as well as disadvantaged teenagers.

CADA’s Top 100 Auto Dealer Groups in China is the most trusted and influential benchmark in the world’s largest automobile industry – focusing on auto distributors’ profitability, growth, and stability and based on comprehensive indicators such as revenue of main business and the number of vehicles sold.

Our congratulations to everyone in LSH Auto China for their relentless efforts and contributions despite the many challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic and a continuously and rapidly evolving market – and for the recognition that they so deserved.

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