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LSH Auto China holds 4th Beijing Summer Training Camp for Hope School teachers

Mainland China  |  2020-07-28
Mainland China  |  2021-08-19

The 4th Beijing Summer Camp for teachers from LSH Hope Schools was held in July, 2021.

The Summer Camp is an annual collaborative effort by LSH Auto China with its partners the Beijing Lei Shing Hong Charity Foundation, Beijing Youth Development Foundation and the Beijing Institute of Education.

The project was started as part of LSH Auto China’s commitment to enabling sustainable education for children living in remote and rural areas, and is an extension of its LSH Hope School project that has already built 33 schools in various rural districts over a period of 10 years.

The Summer Camp helps teachers from these rural schools to keep up-to-date on modern education concepts, class management, teaching methodologies and the development of students’ well-being.

A total of 42 teachers from 22 LSH Hope Schools across the country participated in this year’s Summer Camp.

Teacher Dai Guangfa from LSH Hope School, Dazhuang Town, Yinan County, shared:

Here, we have not only broadened our horizon and thinking, and improved on our concepts but have also been able to reflect on our own self-education and on achieving a higher level.”

“From this camp, we have discovered areas for improvement in rural education and the advanced concepts we will be bringing back to our schools will help to raise the standards of rural education and pave the path for the future. I am inspired and eager to apply what I have learned.

Training classes were held at the Beijing Institute of Education and the teachers were also treated to cultural tours and visits.

LSH Auto China is relentless in its commitment to contributing to the less privileged and ensuring a brighter future for children in remote and rural areas.

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