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LSH Auto Australia shares a video of a newer and brighter Mercedes-Benz Melbourne showroom after a makeover

Australia  |  2020-07-28
Australia  |  2022-05-20

After an extensive makeover, the Mercedes-Benz Melbourne showroom is now even brighter and better.

With 5000 sq.m of luxurious showroom space, it now features a new 6-meter-high media wall that spans from the ground level Mercedes-Benz showroom to the Level 2 dedicated AMG area.

There’s also a fully renovated Customer Lounge, a new service reception area and a well-stocked Mercedes-Benz Boutique.

For coffee lovers, there’s a dedicated Coffee Station where the in-house Barista serves the very best from St ALi Coffee.

LSH Auto Australia’s Mercedes-Benz Melbourne also has a state-of-the-art Body and Paint Shop and has been awarded the Mercedes-Benz Circle of Excellence as well as Van Retailer of the year for the 5th consecutive year.

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