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LSH Auto Australia keeps staff spirits high and thanking them with a surprise box each during prolonged lockdown.

Australia  |  2020-07-28
Australia  |  2021-09-28

“You Matter. Always.”

That is the message from the management of LSH Auto Australia to every team member in Melbourne and Sydney during the prolonged lockdown.

Over the last weekend in August, all team members in Melbourne and Sydney received a surprise box from Providoor (a marketplace designed to deliver food from the best restaurants to consumer doors.)

Inside each box were gourmet dinner packages from leading restaurants – Melbourne’s Maha and Sydney’s Monopole.

The surprise boxes are a gesture by LSH Auto Australia to raise the spirits of the Melbourne and Sydney team who are currently undergoing prolonged lockdown, and to thank them for continuing to do amazing work under tough conditions.

The gesture also helps to support services like Providoor and the restaurant community as a whole – something which LSH Auto Australia have been doing since the pandemic.

The reaction from team members upon receiving the boxes have moved and inspired us.

We have also received wonderful feedback from the Chef and owner of Maha and the founder of Providoor, Shane Delia, who said:

“Thanks to LSH Auto team in Sydney and Melbourne, for the support to Providoor through this initiative… LSH Auto Australia has always been dedicated to supporting, not just the business communities around it, but the people…”

You can watch the full video messages from Shane Delia and from LSH Auto Management.

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