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LSH Auto Australia amongst first to be appointed Mercedes-Benz EQ Specialist status.

Australia  |  2020-07-28
Australia  |  2022-09-22

Mercedes-Benz is aiming for zero emission by 2039, and as the largest Mercedes-Benz retail operation in Australia, LSH Auto Australia have been investing towards this goal.

Our outlets, Mercedes-Benz Melbourne, Mercedes-Benz Sydney and Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, were amongst the very first to be appointed with the Mercedes-Benz EQ Specialist status.

Dedicated EQ Customer Representatives have the specialist knowledge to ensure customers are fully informed and, with the aid of a purpose-built EQ Vehicle Configurator, are able to help them design the ideal EV for their needs.

Service and Aftersales teams are fully certified to ensure that ownership experience is consistently smooth and fully supported.

LSH Auto Australia will also be the first outlets to deliver the coming range of Mercedes-Benz EQ Vans.

Having invested substantially in green operations and facilities, and a proud Sapphire Project Ocean Conversation initiative, LSH Auto Australia have made their commitment to a greener future very clear indeed.

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