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Han Sung Motor brings new life to used cars with some TLC.

South Korea  |  2020-07-28
South Korea  |  2021-08-03

At LSH Auto, we love bringing the latest automotive trends and technologies to our customers.

Lately, something else that we’ve been doing all these years have been getting a lot of attention: bringing new life to used cars.

And we’ve been welcoming new customers and building many new relationships by extending the same commitment to quality of service and accountability.

No matter what you call it…a pre-owned, pre-loved or simply a used car…it can be the perfect match for the right owner as long as it has been given the best treatment and tender loving care.

Han Sung Motor Co. best expressed our approach to bringing new life to used cars in one of their Han Sung Certified videos. We love it and thought we’d share it.



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