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Featured Facility: LSH Auto Centre, Beijing

Mainland China  |  2020-07-28
Mainland China  |  2021-10-01

The LSH Auto Centre, Beijing was officially opened in October, 2013 to serve as the regional customer service hub of LSH Auto in Mainland China.

Occupying a total floor area of 120,000 square metres, the Mercedes-Benz authorized integrated service centre is a one-stop venue with an extensive aftersales service area, and a dedicated Body&Paint Centre that is also the first authorized centre for Mercedes-Benz China.

The Centre also houses Leishinghong Star (Beijing), an authorized dealer for Mercedes-Benz and its sub brands.

The LSH Beijing Training Academy – the country’s largest training institution for Mercedes-Benz dealers – is also housed in the Centre which can accommodate up to 160 trainees at a time. Comprehensive and multi-level training courses ranging from sales, aftersales, marketing, financing and insurance to customer relationship management and business management are held at the Centre.

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