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Adapting to a situation to find a solution for a customer.

Australia  |  2020-07-28
Australia  |  2021-03-16

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed many problems in the supply chain.

When a customer had an issue with his Mercedes-AMG C 63 S that required a replacement part which was in shortage due to the pandemic measures, Perry and his colleagues from the Service Department of AMG Sydney found a timely work-around by securing the part from another source.

For this simple act of initiative, AMG Sydney received a note of high praise from the customer.

Congratulations to everyone at AMG Sydney! You said it best when you said:

“It’s all part of adapting to the situation and finding the best way to deliver the highest level of customer experience. Another example of the practical application of LSH Auto’s commitment to You Come First. Always.” – LSH Auto Australia, AMG Sydney



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