LSH Auto International, a member of Lei Shing Hong Group, is a front-runner in embracing responsible business practices and giving back to the communities we serve.

Mainland China

LSH Auto China participates in numerous CSR activities. Partnering with the Hope School initiative for more than 26 years, we have donated and helped build over 30 Hope Schools that benefited over 10,000 children in Mainland China. The CSR program we have participated in has not only helped children, but also raised awareness and cultivated gratitude among our frontline staff. For example, some of our our dealership General Managers have also been appointed as headmasters and headmistresses of Hope Schools in their respective regions.

In 2016, LSH Auto China launched an internal sales programme championing ‘Love Calendars’ created by children with cerebral palsy, and raising money for the mentally disabled. LSH Auto China has also cooperated with the China Charities Aid Foundation For Children in aid of hearing-impaired children.

A leading player in building a brighter future for all while pursuing sustainable business growth, in 2017 LSH Auto China received the prestigious recognitions of “Most Influential Enterprise Brand in the Chinese Automobile Industry” and “Public Welfare Contribution” from the China Automobile Dealers Association.

Taiwan Region

Capital Motors Inc. has a record of strong CSR engagement with local communities, inspiring every member of staff to participate in compassionate, charitable activities. Programmes have included working with children who have down syndrome, assisting low-income senior patients with rare diseases, and donating to the Children’s Hearing Foundation to assisted hearing-impaired kids from families in need.

When Taiwan Region was slammed by Super Typhoon Nepartak in 2016, overturning cars and forcing thousands out of their homes, Capital Motors Inc. pitched in to help affected residents access daily necessities and rebuild their houses. In 2017, the business focused on aboriginal children in Taitung who weren’t receiving proper education due to a lack of schools, teachers and other resources. Capital Motors Inc. helped to refurbish the existing school network, in order to improve the quality of the children’s educational environment.

South Korea

Han Sung Motor Co. was the first imported car dealer in South Korea to introduce CSR activities, beginning with the Han Sung Motor Dream Gream Art Scholarship Programme in 2012. In partnership with the Mecenat Association, the scholarship has supported over 40 under-privileged students to access long-term arts education; providing them with financial aid, artist mentoring, an intensive summer arts camp and a popular end-of-year exhibition. In 2017, Dream Gream students became the first amateur artists to enter Asia’s renowned Korea International Art Fair, via the Han Sung Motor Dream Gream Art Exhibition.

Since 2014, Han Sung Motor Co. has developed yearly art programmes with the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture; supporting cultural environments in overlooked parts of the city and encouraging students to give back. Because of this exemplary CSR work, Dr. Ulf Ausprung, our CEO in Han Sung Motor Co., has been recognised as an Honorary Citizen of Seoul by the Seoul City Mayor.

Other Markets

Across every market we serve, LSH Auto International believes in putting the value of corporate social responsibility into action. We spearhead and support a range of CSR initiatives which have a direct, tangible impact on people and society at large. Some of our charitable partners include the Leukemia Foundation, the Fight Cancer Foundation, the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital, Olivia’s Lunch and Act for Kids.