LSH Auto International offers unparalleled auto services and solutions to our customers by understanding, addressing and exceeding their needs at every stage of their auto life cycle.

Our sales and service outlets are regularly upgraded to offer innovative and hassle-free workshop services. These facilities are operated by our team of certified technicians who deliver maintenance, repair, body and paint services in accordance with high dealer standards.

We also provide trade-in services for pre-owned cars, thereby enabling customers to upgrade or replace their cars in a hassle-free manner. In addition, we offer our own-branded extended warranty services, which enable customers to continue benefiting from warranty coverages beyond the expiry of the warranty covered by Mercedes-Benz. Our customers can select different warranty coverages and periods depending on their own preference.

By leveraging our rich and advanced customer database management systems, we offer tailored customer relationship management to take care of our valued customers. For example, LSH Auto International customers have enjoyed exclusive trips to Germany and Switzerland, VIP access to golf tournaments and other events, private dining, and first-hand showroom test drives.