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LSH Auto Australia’s Jordan King on Pre-Owned Vehicle Market in Melbourne

AUSTRALIA  |  2020-07-09
AUSTRALIA  |  2020-07-09
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With the recent launch of the LSH Auto Australia online pre-owned vehicle platform, car shoppers can now browse our nationwide stock of certified quality pre-owned vehicles, making it easier to find their ideal car.


Ensuring the delivery of a top-quality pre-owned vehicle is the responsibility of dedicated pre-owned vehicle managers at each of our dealerships.


To gain insight to customer preferences in pre-owned vehicle markets, we recently interviewed three pre-owned sales managers from dealerships across Australia. We are excited to share the interviews with you in the upcoming weeks.


Jordan King

Position: Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Dealership: Mercedes-Benz Melbourne


Q1: Can you provide an overview of the used car market in your geography?

A: As we are positioned right in the middle of Melbourne's 15 strong Mercedes-Benz dealer network we have both many challenges and opportunities in an extremely aggressive market space. Over the last few years we have relied heavily on trade-ins and ex-factory stock to retail to market as opportunities to source vehicles are limited outside of those windows.

Q2: What type of checks do you do on the used cars? Mechanical? Paperwork/history?

A: For our Mercedes-Benz product under 10 years of age and under 120,000kms we provide a 100 point certified check of the vehicle to ensure we meet the Mercedes-Benz certified standard for sale. We also conduct a full body, wheels, dent and interior inspection to ensure the vehicle is presented to MBM lot preparation standards.

Q3: What is the demographic like for used car buyers in your market? Are they younger customers or any other characteristics?

A: With the variety of makes and models on offer we see first car buyers all the way through to the self-defined ‘last car' purchase clients.

Q4: What are the most frequently asked questions when customers come to your used car showroom?

A: Our customers are always interested to know about the warranty offered and service history to the vehicle, once these are overcome then price and cost of ownership is the next question.

Q5: Is there a most popular model/series?

A: W205 C class is where we see the majority of interest from our customers, the C200, C250 and C300. We also sell a lot of good quality SUV product.

Q6: What are the key benefits that clients get when they purchase used cars from LSH Auto?

A: The comfort and confidence they are dealing with LSH Auto, the largest MB dealer group in Australia with the largest range of Certified vehicles for sale, aligned with our brand values of Trust, Integrity, Team work, Relevance and Social responsibility. A focus on providing a unique experience to all customers is key.

Q7: What is the trade-in market like in your catchment? Do people prefer to trade-in or to sell their previous car independently?

A: We trade-in the majority of vehicles valued but do have customers who either wish to dispose of the vehicle themselves of pass it onto family or friends.

Q8: Can you please share what is the current situation of used car financing, aftermarket and aftersales compared to new cars?

A: Pre-owed financing is traditionally lower than the new car finance rate with a dealership penetration of around 30%. This is compared to new cars at near 50%. It's similar with aftermarket performance relative to new vehicles certified pre owned results are $120 per vehicle compared to new cars at $390 per vehicle YTD. However, we are always seeking ways to continually improve.


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