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Capital Motors Inc. Revives with Creative Dragon Boat Festival Event

TAIWAN REGION  |  2020-07-06
TAIWAN REGION  |  2020-07-06
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The smell of delicious rice dumplings reminds everyone that the Dragon Boat Festival is here! As the pandemic eases in Taiwan Region, community celebrations and the resumption of business activities surrounding the late-June festival are clear signs of a return to activity. Capital Motors Inc. created a unique festive vibe by decorating all of its showrooms with rice dumpling-shaped tents, plants associated with the festival, props for visitors to take pictures with – including ornamental backdrops of river and creeks – and dragon boat simulations.

During the Dragon Boat Festival events, Capital Motors customers enjoyed a leather sachet craft workshop, where participants made sachets filled with Chinese herbs of their choice and printed their names on them. A range of herbs were available to participants, including Asiatic Wormwood, calamus, and peppermint, which help repel mosquitos and insects, and angelica root, tuber fleece flower stem, and lavender, which have a calming effect and promote restive sleep.

Capital Motors also arranged a dragon boat rowing simulation that recreated the experience of a traditional dragon boat race, which usually takes place on a river. There was also a kids’ corner where young guests participated in “mini” dragon boat races. The children had fun making their own dragon boats and racing them on an indoor water track.

After a fun-filled day of activities, guests were invited to relax and enjoy herbal cocktails based on traditional Chinese wine, which is another traditional symbol of the festival. Attendees were also served light refreshments specially designed for the festival. At the end of the day, guests went home with bottles of traditional Chinese wine as souvenirs of a memorable day.

Six Dragon Boat Festival events were held at Capital Motors Showrooms across Taiwan Region, with 240 guests attending. Participants were complimentary of the festive decorations, interactive activities, creative food and beverages, and souvenirs.

Capital Motors looks forward to organising further engaging activities for their valued customers.


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