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Han Sung Motor’s “Flower by Hansung” Campaign Supports Local Businesses and Helps Celebrate Family Month

SOUTH KOREA  |  2020-05-28
SOUTH KOREA  |  2020-05-28
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Many parts of the world are facing challenges due to COVID-19. However, despite social distancing measures, the pandemic has also brought people closer together than ever.

Many small and medium-sized businesses have been negatively impacted and need support to weather the pandemic and recover. This was the motivation for “Flower by Han Sung”, a campaign launched by Han Sung Motor Co., LSH Auto International’s local operation in South Korea, to help support the local floral industry.

Korea’s floral industry has suffered from low demands due to the widespread cancellation of events and ceremonies amid the pandemic. Han Sung Motor launched the “Flower by Hansung” campaign in mid-April, when it began purchasing flowers from local shops and presenting them to customers visiting its showrooms. The flowers were accompanied by a message asking customers to support nearby small businesses.

Han Sung Motor promoted the campaign on its social media profile and customers were encouraged to post photos of the flowers on Instagram with specified hashtags. For every photo posted Han Sung would donate KRW20,000 (about US$16) to local businesses in need.

The 15-day campaign was enthusiastically received. About 500 customers hashtagged “Flower by Hansung”, leading the company to donate about KRW20 million (about US$16,300) to the Korea Florist Association and other organisations working to support local businesses. In fact, the campaign was so successful that Han Sung Motor decided to launch a second phase.

The second phase kicked off in early May and concluded at the end of the month, which is also “Family Month” in Korea. As part of the second phase, Han Sung Motor once again gifted flowers purchased from local florists to customers visiting its showrooms and donated another KRW20 million to local businesses.

In addition, Han Sung Motor launched a new social media campaign on its Instagram profile and Facebook page. A total of 30 participants who posted stories about how COVID-19 caused them to miss celebrating an anniversary or a special day with their loved ones in May were selected to receive a flower basket purchased from a local florist.

The “Flower by Hansung” campaign was Han Sung Motor’s way to help local Koreans enjoy the spring flower season, to celebrate Family Month, and to help local florists weather the impact of the pandemic.


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