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Han Sung Motor Partners with Gen.G

SOUTH KOREA  |  2020-05-21
SOUTH KOREA  |  2020-05-21
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As one of the world’s leading premium automobile dealer groups, LSH Auto International has always strived to deliver innovative products and services. As esports has increased in popularity globally, our Korean operation, Han Sung Motor (한성자동차), is partnering with Gen.G, a leading multinational esports organisation, to deliver unique experiences for our customers and fans.

Han Sung Motor is proud to support Gen.G’s South Korean League of Legends team by providing Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the team’s domestic transportation, including New CLS and New GLE models. In addition, our Korea team will host League of Legends matches and other events at the Cheongdam showroom in Seoul.

Established in 2017, Gen.G is a leading global esports organisation – it was ranked the sixth most valuable esports company globally by Forbes in 2019.

“This partnership is truly meaningful since it is the first time that an esports industry player has partnered with an imported automobile dealer in Korea,” said Han Sung Motor CEO Dr. Ulf Ausprung.

“The relationship reflects the increasing youthfulness of the Han Sung Motor brand. We hope to continue this momentum by helping deliver the digitalised experience that is native to the next generation. Both companies see the potential for continued collaboration going forward,” Dr. Ausprung added.

More news about the Han Sung Motor and Gen.G partnership to follow!


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